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Hey! You! Yes You!!!!! I hear you fussing and complaining about your current life situations! In fact you are too loud! Why don’t you take that same energy and do something constructive to change your situation! Whatever it is. I don’t even wanna know what it is, because I have a long laundry list of dirt myself! BUT I’m working on it.

Have you done anything different today outside of your normal routine? Have you prayed and asked God for direction. Did you wait to hear His direction? Have you listened to learn from someone who has already overcome a situation similar to where you are now? Have you identified your true weaknesses? What about your strengths? Have you really identified the root cause of the problem? Have you considered the fact that  might be the problem? Have you looked in the mirror lately to examine yourself thoroughly? Have you been able to envision yourself free from your current problem? Have you decreed or declared by faith that you are free – as an affirmation? Have you written out your goals? Do you even have a plan to get free? Do you even know where to begin?

If you start answering the above questions and begin to take action, I am very positive things will start looking up for you.

Another thing that has always helped me is: when I have done everything that I possibly could at that moment in my situation. I look for opportunities to help someone else who might be having a rough time. I might now be the exact answer but i might be able to step in and relieve some pressure before something breaks! For example if they are a single parent struggling to make ends meet I might A) buy groceries for a week or B) pick up on a small bill or C) baby sit – taking the children for several hours (or couple of days even) or D) purchase a spa day. If i know the person is fighting depression I might help with laundry, house cleaning, running errands or just keep them company even when I don’t feel like it. But you say I haven’t answered the root of the problem…I might not have. I’m not God but it’s the small things that might give them that extra boost to go on and be able to make it another day.  Think outside the box. Sometimes we just need a little help so that we can focus on the real problem.

Don’t be selfish. Help yourself and help somebody else too. You won’t believe how fast your situation will begin to change when you take the focus off of yourself all the time.

English: Unlimited Potential of the Human Mind

English: Unlimited Potential of the Human Mind (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The mind (soul) is one of the most powerful things that humans possess. It has creative power that is beyond comprehension. It can either hurt or help any person/situation. It’s a dangerous force, but when used wisely it will take one to prosperity, knowledge, understanding and peace.

The mind of humans are all-powerful. Once the mind is programmed or conditioned to think or believe a certain idea or concept, that concept is suddenly achievable. It is much like a computer, only living. It is said that the mind is the key to ones soul. If you can reach the mind, you have entered the soul. The power of the mind can will or bring situations into fruition.

The mind has created worlds. It can take you into places that you have never physically been. By using the mind man has been able to build mechanisms that have taken us into the skies and beyond. Man has created cities with houses, buildings, streets, bridges and bodies of water. Computers, machinery, cultivated food, books, blogs, automobiles, cell phones – all come from the creative power of the human mind. The mind has been able to decipher the genetic code of the human body; what it’s made up of, how it works, what will heal it and what will kill it. The creativity of the mind is vastly amazing. Yet still very hard to truly understand all its components.

The mind (or soul) of a man can hurt or help a person or situation. Remember I mentioned programming the mind to think or believe a certain concept or idea? Well those concepts can contain evil intent, which can conceive such acts as deceit, rape, bombings, robbery and murder. On the other hand people have created charities to help feed/house the homeless, performed miraculous surgeries, invent artificial limbs, hearing aids and heart defibrillators.  

If you are in an unpleasant state of mind today, then I highly recommend focusing on the more positive things in your life. And for the things that you are missing, imagine yourself with those things – no matter what they are (as long as it’s not things that belong to somebody else). Next follow after someone who has overcome your same situation, whether you know them personally or not. Read inspirational information that will help usher in your life change (ex. the Bible, self-help books, daily encouragement booklets). Begin to speak to yourself through meditation, claiming the life change you are striving towards. On a daily basis, choose only to involve yourself in positive things, not focusing on things outside of your reach. Identify and rid yourself of bad habits (this may require outside help from an accountable loved one or professional assistance). Be very honest with yourself in every area of your life, detailing your strengths and weaknesses.  Finally be very relentless and consistent about your life change and you will soon have the reward of growth, peace and a renewed mind.

Step out of your box. Try something new. Obviously the things you have been doing hasn’t gotten you the results you were after? You have the power already within you to achieve the desires of your heart. If only you would realize the power you truly have and release the fear that has been holding you back.

Change your mind and watch your life change…