What is your perception of your current situation? How do you see things around you? Do you quickly notice the negative things first? Or do you immediately accentuate the positive?

Definition of PERCEPTION


a : a result of perceiving : observation (see perceive)

b : a mental image : concept


obsolete : consciousness


a : awareness of the elements of environment through physical sensation <color perception>b : physical sensation interpreted in the light of experience


a : quick, acute, and intuitive cognition : appreciation

b : a capacity for comprehension

I believe that how you perceive or understand a thing can forever change your life or situation. Many times when we are presented with information, our minds will begin to draw a mental picture, laying out a vision for what it is that we are hearing (or seeing with our eyes). However depending on the source of the information or the character of the person presenting the information, we can perceive incorrectly. We then judge information based on what others have told us – causing us to view the information out of their eyes.

I was first introduced to the real estate business by a woman who had been very successful at one time in her career. I called her because someone else thought she would be a very good person to go to for advise on how to get started. It was quite the opposite. She really focused on the fees required, her lack of deals/closing, and the shortage of clients in her pipeline. And because of her negative report I did not get involved with real estate – at that time, because she showed me her vision and I too believed the business was bad. I saw through her eyes.

Later one of my bosses who I worked for came into town. He was (still is) a billionaire who I admire. One of the things he does is build strip malls. I asked him about commercial real estate and the business – I inquired of him how I could get started (or in other words “be like Mike”). He told me that the real estate business was a great business to be in because of the high income earning potential. He told me I could do it and to start with getting my license, and once I had accomplished that come back and he would further direct me. Very different perception from what the lady had told me earlier! So I did get my license. I let him know. He asked what I paid to get my license and surprise! – He reimbursed me for what I had put out. Then he referred me to some people who could mentor me!

Since then, I have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in the real estate industry. And although I am still making money, the money has slowed down (for me) from where it used to be. Also the money is not residual (which means I don’t make weekly, monthly or yearly income even after the original transaction takes place) (unless it’s rental property).

So I began network marketing also know as multi-level marketing (mlm), which is simply selling or marketing products/services to others and allowing others to do the same as you by becoming a representative of whatever company you choose to represent. I have marketed everything for example; household products, make-up, long distance, coffee, ladies’ under garments, legal plans, pre-paid burial plans, and insurance. Selling products and services to family and friends has made me a lot of money as well.

A large number of people are afraid to work a network marketing company, because they say they are pyramid schemes, when in fact most corporations are pyramids (the people on the top make the most money). They won’t even look at a mlm company because of their negative view of those types of business. So then opportunities simply pass those people by – no matter how great it maybe. Then there are those that will at least look into to it, but they have little to no motivation , which equals little to no success. So they then become disengaged and give up and quit. Next are those eagles that are LOOKING for their next opportunity. They will see the opportunity, do their do diligence on the company and it’s product, and then begin to take massive action – to make massive amounts of money! Shooting to the top, but that doesn’t equal a pyramid scheme; that just means they were willing to do what others were not!!!

People don’t normally openly complain about their jobs and what the CEO’s make. However I’m sure we all can agree that most people that reach top positions in any corporation have normally achieved a certain level of documented success to be able to obtain a higher paying position, by going to college and/or years of successful experience in a similar position. So why be upset with someone who saw an opportunity and made the best of a home based business? Crazy right?????

So many people are looking for opportunity. In fact in the current 2013 economy, most people NEED AN OPPORTUNITY! BADLY! They can’t afford to not take advantage of a business opportunity. The job that they are currently working (if they have one) is barely paying the bills and they are stressed – “robbing Peter to pay Paul“!!! They are angry or depressed, maybe both! They are looking for something, but might be fearful, because of the debt and the feeling of hopelessness. They might even fear what others around them may think if they do something outside of the box.

If that is you and you need a change your life’s situations, then step out on faith and take a chance. You can do it. There are really legitimate businesses out there. I challenge you to change TODAY.  You can’t even spell CHAlleNGE without spelling Change! So your change will be your challenge. You should have multiple streams of income!

If you want to try something new, life changing, work from home business then I’m ready to work with you, but only if you are motivated and serious?


See you on the other side!

Barbara J.