When one becomes too familiar with someone or something, there is no value and/or very little respect if any – present.

What are you talking about Barbara J? I’m glad you asked! I’m going to share with you something my my pastor and mentor shared with me some years ago. He said ” B.J. when people get too familiar with you, they get comfortable. They begin to feel they know all they need to know about you. Then they begin to lose respect for you. At that point the relationship that used to mean a lot to them no longer has any value. Although the relationship once had value and they once respected you”.

Look at this example:

When Baraka Obama was first running for president, everyone was so excited (unless you were Republican or Tea Party hehe). His personality was electric. He topped all of the news stories with every appearance. Where ever he was, LOTS of people showed up every time. People hung on to his every word and respected his view point of the world. Now if he’s on tv most people just keep turning channels to something else, because that’s just the president, nobody special. Too familiar, no respect.

Okay you don’t quite get that one, well here’s another example:

You have a mentor who gives you instructions for your life/business/relationships; at first you do everything this person says all the time and every time enthusiastically. Over time you begin to consider this person a friend. The mentor gives your more instruction, but now you don’t follow the instruction too quickly – if at all, because now you see this person just like you and you believe you are “friends”. So the advice that this mentor once gave that changed your life is no longer effective?

Question now is: is the person the same person who you once respected and the same person who gave you trusted instruction? Or have you become too familiar, lost perspective and respect of the true intent of the relationship?

The potential problem is devaluing a relationship due to familiarity, is that you miss out on life changing information. Familiarity can be associated with complacency. And unless you have achieved all you were supposed to in life – life is very short – then complacency is never a good idea. It robs of opportunities, progress and accomplishments. It becomes a hindrance and a blessing blocker.

Has anyone given you advice or presented you with opportunity – that could have potentially enhanced your life, but you chose to ignore it? Examine your relationships to ensure that your are getting the maximum potential out of them, ensuring that you have a healthy respect for those in our lives, not matter the length of time we’ve known them.

Also take a look at your current situation and evaluate if you have missed a valuable step or opportunity because we “thought we knew everything”. Examine yourself to see if you are where you had hoped to be in life. If not what did you miss or what can use some fine tuning?

Lastly, if you need a business opportunity, I have one. Even if you think you have seen it already or you are already involved in another business. I invite you to look at from a subjective point of view. It has certainly helped to enhance my financial life and hopefully if you chose to make money with me, it will enhance your financial life as well.

I encourage you to value your relationships.

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God Bless,

I look forward to seeing you on the other side!

Barbara J.