Several months ago, I began doing somethings that I really had been putting off doing because I was a procrastinator. And because the things I needed to accomplished forced me to deal with some inadequacies within myself I slowly began to find reasons in my mind why I needed to stop moving forward with the things I needed to accomplish. I felt some frustration and almost anger because I knew I needed to keep going, but I lacked the necessary resources!

Procrastination had always been a major problem for me, especially when my money was low or gone. I always found myself feeling hopeless, depressed and frustrated. I really wanted to accomplish the tasks, but more often then not, the tasks required money – that I didn’t have.

The more money I didn’t have, the more I put off doing things. The more I put off things, the more frustrated I got. The more frustrated I got, the more frustrated my family got. The more frustrated my family got, the more depressed I got. The more depressed I got, the more I became less productive. The more less productive I became, the more broker I became!

I began to look up people who were where successful in the areas I wanted to be successful in. The more I watched them, I began to realize that there was no difference between them and me – except that they were doing more than me!!!

I knew I could do it, but for years I had been paralized with fear because I didn’t think that I deserved to be successful. And truly I didn’t deserve to be successful, because I hadn’t done anything – yet! However I could already see myself at that place I was trying to get to in my vision.

So I one day, I made  a vow to myself (it would be a horrible thing to lie to yourself) – that I would begin to do regardless of what I did or didn’t have. And I immediately began to do. The more I began to do, the more I accomplished. The more I accomplished, the more encouragaed I became. The more encouraged I became, the more encourage my family became. The more encouraged my family became, the more I began to do. The more I began to do, the money more I began to make. The more money I began to make, the more more I accomplished!!!

I changed my mind, and changed my life. I change the game. I broke the cycle of fear. I got rid of the ugliness of the procrastinator and put on the sexiness of success! Now I am helping others to change their lives. Who’s wants