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Change The Game!

It’s time to change the game! I don’t know anyone who can’t use an extra $100, $300 or even $500 per day, per week or per month! Statistics say that just $500 per month would save many marriages and change the atmosphere in most homes.

Often times people will seek out secondary employment to fill the financial void in their lives. However, once employed part-time many don’t stick with it long because its generally not fulfilling, takes time away from family or begins to weigh in on ones sleep/health. And quickly the individual realizes that they desperately need to do something different.

And even though THEY KNOW THEY NEED TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT – most won’t do anything that requires a significant investment of finances and time, even though they understand that something beyond the normal must be done. A change is definitely needed.

Soon things begin to fall apart in life. Your bills continue to go unpaid. Your friends are hanging out. You want to travel. You want the lastest electronic gadgets. You want new clothes and shoes. Your children want and need everything under the sun, but you constantly tell them NO! All things neglected because YOU CAN’T AFFORD IT!

So why not change the game? Why are you afraid to step out and try something different? Why do you care what other people think of you? Don’t you think you should have the finer things in life? Don’t you think you deserve a raise? Wouldn’t you like to be the one who helps others – instead being the one who needs help? I know you want to travel – don’t you? And who doesn’t want their children to have the best things in life? Or maybe you are trying to pay for a few college classes, implants, dental work, a new car, home improvements or some other hearts desire???? Why are you fearful?

Be a “Game Changer“! Fly like the eagle you are! Become a leader. Someone else is watching and waiting on you to make the next move – so they can follow you to success!  Change your life, by changing your mind’s way of thinking today. You are running out of time (all of us are). Don’t let your life dreams pass you by. Get busy so you can begin enjoying the life you deserve to have today!

Stop asking why shouldn’t you do this and start remembering ALL the reasons why you need to do this!


See you at the top!!!! You can do it!

Barbara J.


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Several months ago, I began doing somethings that I really had been putting off doing because I was a procrastinator. And because the things I needed to accomplished forced me to deal with some inadequacies within myself I slowly began to find reasons in my mind why I needed to stop moving forward with the things I needed to accomplish. I felt some frustration and almost anger because I knew I needed to keep going, but I lacked the necessary resources!

Procrastination had always been a major problem for me, especially when my money was low or gone. I always found myself feeling hopeless, depressed and frustrated. I really wanted to accomplish the tasks, but more often then not, the tasks required money – that I didn’t have.

The more money I didn’t have, the more I put off doing things. The more I put off things, the more frustrated I got. The more frustrated I got, the more frustrated my family got. The more frustrated my family got, the more depressed I got. The more depressed I got, the more I became less productive. The more less productive I became, the more broker I became!

I began to look up people who were where successful in the areas I wanted to be successful in. The more I watched them, I began to realize that there was no difference between them and me – except that they were doing more than me!!!

I knew I could do it, but for years I had been paralized with fear because I didn’t think that I deserved to be successful. And truly I didn’t deserve to be successful, because I hadn’t done anything – yet! However I could already see myself at that place I was trying to get to in my vision.

So I one day, I made  a vow to myself (it would be a horrible thing to lie to yourself) – that I would begin to do regardless of what I did or didn’t have. And I immediately began to do. The more I began to do, the more I accomplished. The more I accomplished, the more encouragaed I became. The more encouraged I became, the more encourage my family became. The more encouraged my family became, the more I began to do. The more I began to do, the money more I began to make. The more money I began to make, the more more I accomplished!!!

I changed my mind, and changed my life. I change the game. I broke the cycle of fear. I got rid of the ugliness of the procrastinator and put on the sexiness of success! Now I am helping others to change their lives. Who’s wants