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When one becomes too familiar with someone or something, there is no value and/or very little respect if any – present.

What are you talking about Barbara J? I’m glad you asked! I’m going to share with you something my my pastor and mentor shared with me some years ago. He said ” B.J. when people get too familiar with you, they get comfortable. They begin to feel they know all they need to know about you. Then they begin to lose respect for you. At that point the relationship that used to mean a lot to them no longer has any value. Although the relationship once had value and they once respected you”.

Look at this example:

When Baraka Obama was first running for president, everyone was so excited (unless you were Republican or Tea Party hehe). His personality was electric. He topped all of the news stories with every appearance. Where ever he was, LOTS of people showed up every time. People hung on to his every word and respected his view point of the world. Now if he’s on tv most people just keep turning channels to something else, because that’s just the president, nobody special. Too familiar, no respect.

Okay you don’t quite get that one, well here’s another example:

You have a mentor who gives you instructions for your life/business/relationships; at first you do everything this person says all the time and every time enthusiastically. Over time you begin to consider this person a friend. The mentor gives your more instruction, but now you don’t follow the instruction too quickly – if at all, because now you see this person just like you and you believe you are “friends”. So the advice that this mentor once gave that changed your life is no longer effective?

Question now is: is the person the same person who you once respected and the same person who gave you trusted instruction? Or have you become too familiar, lost perspective and respect of the true intent of the relationship?

The potential problem is devaluing a relationship due to familiarity, is that you miss out on life changing information. Familiarity can be associated with complacency. And unless you have achieved all you were supposed to in life – life is very short – then complacency is never a good idea. It robs of opportunities, progress and accomplishments. It becomes a hindrance and a blessing blocker.

Has anyone given you advice or presented you with opportunity – that could have potentially enhanced your life, but you chose to ignore it? Examine your relationships to ensure that your are getting the maximum potential out of them, ensuring that you have a healthy respect for those in our lives, not matter the length of time we’ve known them.

Also take a look at your current situation and evaluate if you have missed a valuable step or opportunity because we “thought we knew everything”. Examine yourself to see if you are where you had hoped to be in life. If not what did you miss or what can use some fine tuning?

Lastly, if you need a business opportunity, I have one. Even if you think you have seen it already or you are already involved in another business. I invite you to look at from a subjective point of view. It has certainly helped to enhance my financial life and hopefully if you chose to make money with me, it will enhance your financial life as well.

I encourage you to value your relationships.

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God Bless,

I look forward to seeing you on the other side!

Barbara J.


What is your perception of your current situation? How do you see things around you? Do you quickly notice the negative things first? Or do you immediately accentuate the positive?

Definition of PERCEPTION


a : a result of perceiving : observation (see perceive)

b : a mental image : concept


obsolete : consciousness


a : awareness of the elements of environment through physical sensation <color perception>b : physical sensation interpreted in the light of experience


a : quick, acute, and intuitive cognition : appreciation

b : a capacity for comprehension

I believe that how you perceive or understand a thing can forever change your life or situation. Many times when we are presented with information, our minds will begin to draw a mental picture, laying out a vision for what it is that we are hearing (or seeing with our eyes). However depending on the source of the information or the character of the person presenting the information, we can perceive incorrectly. We then judge information based on what others have told us – causing us to view the information out of their eyes.

I was first introduced to the real estate business by a woman who had been very successful at one time in her career. I called her because someone else thought she would be a very good person to go to for advise on how to get started. It was quite the opposite. She really focused on the fees required, her lack of deals/closing, and the shortage of clients in her pipeline. And because of her negative report I did not get involved with real estate – at that time, because she showed me her vision and I too believed the business was bad. I saw through her eyes.

Later one of my bosses who I worked for came into town. He was (still is) a billionaire who I admire. One of the things he does is build strip malls. I asked him about commercial real estate and the business – I inquired of him how I could get started (or in other words “be like Mike”). He told me that the real estate business was a great business to be in because of the high income earning potential. He told me I could do it and to start with getting my license, and once I had accomplished that come back and he would further direct me. Very different perception from what the lady had told me earlier! So I did get my license. I let him know. He asked what I paid to get my license and surprise! – He reimbursed me for what I had put out. Then he referred me to some people who could mentor me!

Since then, I have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in the real estate industry. And although I am still making money, the money has slowed down (for me) from where it used to be. Also the money is not residual (which means I don’t make weekly, monthly or yearly income even after the original transaction takes place) (unless it’s rental property).

So I began network marketing also know as multi-level marketing (mlm), which is simply selling or marketing products/services to others and allowing others to do the same as you by becoming a representative of whatever company you choose to represent. I have marketed everything for example; household products, make-up, long distance, coffee, ladies’ under garments, legal plans, pre-paid burial plans, and insurance. Selling products and services to family and friends has made me a lot of money as well.

A large number of people are afraid to work a network marketing company, because they say they are pyramid schemes, when in fact most corporations are pyramids (the people on the top make the most money). They won’t even look at a mlm company because of their negative view of those types of business. So then opportunities simply pass those people by – no matter how great it maybe. Then there are those that will at least look into to it, but they have little to no motivation , which equals little to no success. So they then become disengaged and give up and quit. Next are those eagles that are LOOKING for their next opportunity. They will see the opportunity, do their do diligence on the company and it’s product, and then begin to take massive action – to make massive amounts of money! Shooting to the top, but that doesn’t equal a pyramid scheme; that just means they were willing to do what others were not!!!

People don’t normally openly complain about their jobs and what the CEO’s make. However I’m sure we all can agree that most people that reach top positions in any corporation have normally achieved a certain level of documented success to be able to obtain a higher paying position, by going to college and/or years of successful experience in a similar position. So why be upset with someone who saw an opportunity and made the best of a home based business? Crazy right?????

So many people are looking for opportunity. In fact in the current 2013 economy, most people NEED AN OPPORTUNITY! BADLY! They can’t afford to not take advantage of a business opportunity. The job that they are currently working (if they have one) is barely paying the bills and they are stressed – “robbing Peter to pay Paul“!!! They are angry or depressed, maybe both! They are looking for something, but might be fearful, because of the debt and the feeling of hopelessness. They might even fear what others around them may think if they do something outside of the box.

If that is you and you need a change your life’s situations, then step out on faith and take a chance. You can do it. There are really legitimate businesses out there. I challenge you to change TODAY.  You can’t even spell CHAlleNGE without spelling Change! So your change will be your challenge. You should have multiple streams of income!

If you want to try something new, life changing, work from home business then I’m ready to work with you, but only if you are motivated and serious?


See you on the other side!

Barbara J.

Change The Game!

It’s time to change the game! I don’t know anyone who can’t use an extra $100, $300 or even $500 per day, per week or per month! Statistics say that just $500 per month would save many marriages and change the atmosphere in most homes.

Often times people will seek out secondary employment to fill the financial void in their lives. However, once employed part-time many don’t stick with it long because its generally not fulfilling, takes time away from family or begins to weigh in on ones sleep/health. And quickly the individual realizes that they desperately need to do something different.

And even though THEY KNOW THEY NEED TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT – most won’t do anything that requires a significant investment of finances and time, even though they understand that something beyond the normal must be done. A change is definitely needed.

Soon things begin to fall apart in life. Your bills continue to go unpaid. Your friends are hanging out. You want to travel. You want the lastest electronic gadgets. You want new clothes and shoes. Your children want and need everything under the sun, but you constantly tell them NO! All things neglected because YOU CAN’T AFFORD IT!

So why not change the game? Why are you afraid to step out and try something different? Why do you care what other people think of you? Don’t you think you should have the finer things in life? Don’t you think you deserve a raise? Wouldn’t you like to be the one who helps others – instead being the one who needs help? I know you want to travel – don’t you? And who doesn’t want their children to have the best things in life? Or maybe you are trying to pay for a few college classes, implants, dental work, a new car, home improvements or some other hearts desire???? Why are you fearful?

Be a “Game Changer“! Fly like the eagle you are! Become a leader. Someone else is watching and waiting on you to make the next move – so they can follow you to success!  Change your life, by changing your mind’s way of thinking today. You are running out of time (all of us are). Don’t let your life dreams pass you by. Get busy so you can begin enjoying the life you deserve to have today!

Stop asking why shouldn’t you do this and start remembering ALL the reasons why you need to do this!


See you at the top!!!! You can do it!

Barbara J.

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Several months ago, I began doing somethings that I really had been putting off doing because I was a procrastinator. And because the things I needed to accomplished forced me to deal with some inadequacies within myself I slowly began to find reasons in my mind why I needed to stop moving forward with the things I needed to accomplish. I felt some frustration and almost anger because I knew I needed to keep going, but I lacked the necessary resources!

Procrastination had always been a major problem for me, especially when my money was low or gone. I always found myself feeling hopeless, depressed and frustrated. I really wanted to accomplish the tasks, but more often then not, the tasks required money – that I didn’t have.

The more money I didn’t have, the more I put off doing things. The more I put off things, the more frustrated I got. The more frustrated I got, the more frustrated my family got. The more frustrated my family got, the more depressed I got. The more depressed I got, the more I became less productive. The more less productive I became, the more broker I became!

I began to look up people who were where successful in the areas I wanted to be successful in. The more I watched them, I began to realize that there was no difference between them and me – except that they were doing more than me!!!

I knew I could do it, but for years I had been paralized with fear because I didn’t think that I deserved to be successful. And truly I didn’t deserve to be successful, because I hadn’t done anything – yet! However I could already see myself at that place I was trying to get to in my vision.

So I one day, I made  a vow to myself (it would be a horrible thing to lie to yourself) – that I would begin to do regardless of what I did or didn’t have. And I immediately began to do. The more I began to do, the more I accomplished. The more I accomplished, the more encouragaed I became. The more encouraged I became, the more encourage my family became. The more encouraged my family became, the more I began to do. The more I began to do, the money more I began to make. The more money I began to make, the more more I accomplished!!!

I changed my mind, and changed my life. I change the game. I broke the cycle of fear. I got rid of the ugliness of the procrastinator and put on the sexiness of success! Now I am helping others to change their lives. Who’s wants

Hey! You! Yes You!!!!! I hear you fussing and complaining about your current life situations! In fact you are too loud! Why don’t you take that same energy and do something constructive to change your situation! Whatever it is. I don’t even wanna know what it is, because I have a long laundry list of dirt myself! BUT I’m working on it.

Have you done anything different today outside of your normal routine? Have you prayed and asked God for direction. Did you wait to hear His direction? Have you listened to learn from someone who has already overcome a situation similar to where you are now? Have you identified your true weaknesses? What about your strengths? Have you really identified the root cause of the problem? Have you considered the fact that  might be the problem? Have you looked in the mirror lately to examine yourself thoroughly? Have you been able to envision yourself free from your current problem? Have you decreed or declared by faith that you are free – as an affirmation? Have you written out your goals? Do you even have a plan to get free? Do you even know where to begin?

If you start answering the above questions and begin to take action, I am very positive things will start looking up for you.

Another thing that has always helped me is: when I have done everything that I possibly could at that moment in my situation. I look for opportunities to help someone else who might be having a rough time. I might now be the exact answer but i might be able to step in and relieve some pressure before something breaks! For example if they are a single parent struggling to make ends meet I might A) buy groceries for a week or B) pick up on a small bill or C) baby sit – taking the children for several hours (or couple of days even) or D) purchase a spa day. If i know the person is fighting depression I might help with laundry, house cleaning, running errands or just keep them company even when I don’t feel like it. But you say I haven’t answered the root of the problem…I might not have. I’m not God but it’s the small things that might give them that extra boost to go on and be able to make it another day.  Think outside the box. Sometimes we just need a little help so that we can focus on the real problem.

Don’t be selfish. Help yourself and help somebody else too. You won’t believe how fast your situation will begin to change when you take the focus off of yourself all the time.

English: Unlimited Potential of the Human Mind

English: Unlimited Potential of the Human Mind (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The mind (soul) is one of the most powerful things that humans possess. It has creative power that is beyond comprehension. It can either hurt or help any person/situation. It’s a dangerous force, but when used wisely it will take one to prosperity, knowledge, understanding and peace.

The mind of humans are all-powerful. Once the mind is programmed or conditioned to think or believe a certain idea or concept, that concept is suddenly achievable. It is much like a computer, only living. It is said that the mind is the key to ones soul. If you can reach the mind, you have entered the soul. The power of the mind can will or bring situations into fruition.

The mind has created worlds. It can take you into places that you have never physically been. By using the mind man has been able to build mechanisms that have taken us into the skies and beyond. Man has created cities with houses, buildings, streets, bridges and bodies of water. Computers, machinery, cultivated food, books, blogs, automobiles, cell phones – all come from the creative power of the human mind. The mind has been able to decipher the genetic code of the human body; what it’s made up of, how it works, what will heal it and what will kill it. The creativity of the mind is vastly amazing. Yet still very hard to truly understand all its components.

The mind (or soul) of a man can hurt or help a person or situation. Remember I mentioned programming the mind to think or believe a certain concept or idea? Well those concepts can contain evil intent, which can conceive such acts as deceit, rape, bombings, robbery and murder. On the other hand people have created charities to help feed/house the homeless, performed miraculous surgeries, invent artificial limbs, hearing aids and heart defibrillators.  

If you are in an unpleasant state of mind today, then I highly recommend focusing on the more positive things in your life. And for the things that you are missing, imagine yourself with those things – no matter what they are (as long as it’s not things that belong to somebody else). Next follow after someone who has overcome your same situation, whether you know them personally or not. Read inspirational information that will help usher in your life change (ex. the Bible, self-help books, daily encouragement booklets). Begin to speak to yourself through meditation, claiming the life change you are striving towards. On a daily basis, choose only to involve yourself in positive things, not focusing on things outside of your reach. Identify and rid yourself of bad habits (this may require outside help from an accountable loved one or professional assistance). Be very honest with yourself in every area of your life, detailing your strengths and weaknesses.  Finally be very relentless and consistent about your life change and you will soon have the reward of growth, peace and a renewed mind.

Step out of your box. Try something new. Obviously the things you have been doing hasn’t gotten you the results you were after? You have the power already within you to achieve the desires of your heart. If only you would realize the power you truly have and release the fear that has been holding you back.

Change your mind and watch your life change…